DorCont Smoker Systems
DorCont SC24 Smoke Controller & Doroti SCZ2000 Liquid Smoke Shower Tunnel

During the daily smoking process the meat cheese and baking industries usually have quality problems and high production costs. Working with the standard smoking process could cause many difficulty during the production e.g.: fire or explosion risk; unhealthy working circumstances or inefficient smoking process. Using the standard process the quality and quantity of the smoke is unknown and thereby the quality of the product will be risked.

Nowadays, using the liquid smoke for the smoking process is becoming very popular. The DorCont Liquid Smoke System is developed to have an effective solution for this process and to avoid the written risks above. The smoking will be safe healthier and much more effective. The required conditions in the food industries are guaranteed.

The DorCont Liquid Smoke System is a totally automatized smoking generator. Long term use of liquid smoke is that it is cost effective, healthy because does not contains ash or tar and in the air the will not be any smoke during the process.