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DorPack Thermoforming Packaging Machines


DorPack – Package for your product

Doroti PACK operates a factory in Hungary, to develop and manufacture premium-quality packaging solutions for food and other type of products. We have more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing of thermoforming packaging machines. Each DorPack thermoforming machine is individually designed to suit special needs and product parameters.

DorPack machines are usually used:

  • for food products such as fresh meat and other butcher's meat, fish, dairy products, bakery ware, confectionery, ready-cooked, etc.
  • for healthcare products, medical and other technical devicesindustrial components etc.

The DorPack thermoforming machines are cost-effective and good working-power saving machines. They are built with stainless steel design, so they have the longevity and the hygienic operation. These machines could be used in the food-, pharmaceutical-, and in most of other industries, where the high-performance packaging is needed. High value components can be packed with atmospheric packing to protect them against mechanical and environmental influences.  The machines are suitable for modified atmosphere packaging (MAP). This atmosphere is usually a mix of carbon dioxide, nitrogen or oxygen. In this case MAP is a natural atmosphere in the pack which is good for the product, so it keeps the storage life of the food longer. Also, packaging under vacuum extends the shelf life of the product, by removing the atmosphere, it slows down the microbial deterioration of the product. We fully produce our machines and each fits with the customer’s needs in dimensions and packing challenge. In favour of more efficient production, we prepare double packaging tool machine so the tool replacement time is being saved. Only one touch of a button and the machine makes a different sized and division package. We produce the packer tool as well, so customer’s special wishes can be accepted. In many cases, it is possible to pack the total product range with one carefully planned DorPack Varia packaging tool. We can help you to choose the best packaging method and with DorPack Varia format divisions it makes very easy to transform from one to another forming depth and another package size.

The machines also can be equipped with additional needs. For example: labelling or printing machines and an automatic loading system. We are using components from famous European manufacturers, so the servicing goes fluently across Europe. The machines comply with the European Union regulations and they have CE classification as well.

Packaging protects your products and keeps their quality. We can develop and manufacture a DorPack thermoforming solution for your individual needs.

Mission of Doroti

The future market needs a highly trusted partner. A partner, who recognize the new trends, ideas and makes innovative products for the customers. A partner, who has a good knowledge, experience and flexibility. The technical equipment and the superior service also matters. In tomorrow's market a partner is a must, who gives an outstanding and competitive advantage with products and service. Doroti PACK represents a promising added value for their customers and our company will surely find the best potential for them…. for you.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with us by email. We will certainly recommend the best packaging solution for your product. 


DorPack Thermoforming Packing Machines:

DorPack Types:

C4240 or C4240D (with double tool)

C5680 or C5680D (with double tool)

Lower film width:

420 mm

600 mm

Upper film width:

420 mm

600 mm

Length of the machine: 

6m (loading and output area could be extended)

8-10 m (loading and output area could be extended)

Width of the machine:

1 m

1 m

Soft film pre-pulling:

400 mm

800 mm

Hard film pulling:

400 mm

400 mm

Number of cycle per min:







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