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Doroti Labelling Systems

  Doroti has been developing and producing labeling machines which are systematic solutions for packaging technology and for transferring large amount of information like: ingredients, product description or expiration etc...

These labelers enable to a wide variety of pack forms to be labelled from above, below and even from both sides. They meet the requirements of the food and hygienic requirements. All types are designed to be able for mounting on DorPack thermoforming packaging machines, and on other types of thermoforming packaging machines.

The newly developed labelers are working with high speed and big capacity; in this case, they can serve the packing machines on which the production is going with a high number of cycles.

GENERAL INFORMATION They are made of stainless steel, and supplied by industrial PLC controllers. They are powered by a servo-motor, and the parameter setting is made on a touch-screen terminal. The easy operation, maintenance, service and cleaning is guaranteed. Unique programs can be made for different labels and dosing options. The maximum width of the label is 150 mm. Both paper and film labels are suitable for the machines. Fitting for the packing machine’s equipment there is the possibility to put labels arbitrarily for lines and rows as the user wishes e.g.  in the case of more than 20 line with more than 10 row also serves the packaging machine with 10 cycle/min.

The labeling machine could be equipped by a high-resolution direct print module. So, it is suitable for thermal transfer printing. The printed image can be created and easily modified on the user’s computer. The fast switching, good traceableness, databank is just some of the good features of the direct label printing method. Depending on the requirements the printers can be used to 150 mm wide labels.

Doroti Labeling System - DCR-KF Cross web top labeler  
Doroti Labeling System - DCR-KA Cross web bottom labeler  
Doroti Labeling System - DCR-KF- Cross web top labeler with thermal transfer printer 
Doroti Labeling System - DCR-KA-T Cross web bottom labeler with thermal transfer printer  
Doroti Labeling System - DCR-KTA Cross web multiline bottom labeler
Doroti Labeling System - DCR-RTD Cross web multiline top labeler
Doroti Labeling System - DCR-KTAF Cross web multiline top and bottom labeler

Doroti Labeling System - DCR-SF Conveyor belt top labeler  
Doroti Labeling System - DCR-SA Conveyor belt bottom labeler
Doroti Labeling System - DCR-SFA Conveyor belt top and bottom labeler





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