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Doroti Pack Ltd. is specialised in the production and servicing of packaging machines. Our company is found in Hungary. We focus on developing, manufacturing, producing and selling premium-quality packaging equipments basically for food products but other type of products as well. Each of our DorPack machines is individually designed to meet the needs of our customers' and their product parameters. We are specialized for over 20 years in the manufacturing and servicing of thermoforming packaging machines and we also developed our labelling system as a convenient accessory for our machines. 
DorPack machines are usually used: 
- for food products such as fresh meat and other butcher's meat, fish, dairy products, bakery ware, confectionery, ready-cooked, etc.
- for healthcare products, medical and other technical devices, industrial components etc.

Doroti Labelling System: which fits for all the thermoforming DorPack machines.


The package protects your products and keeps their good quality. We are able to develop and manufacture a DorPack thermoforming solution for your individual needs.


If you have any questions or need further information, please feel freeto contac us by email!
English contact: Dóra Pallang
International Relations
Phone: +3630 5309820 +3630 5663034 

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